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June 2020 News from

Salutations, Faery Friends!

 Our beloved Tony and Rio had to leave the San Francisco area, they will be much missed. They are reloacting to the desert lands, who knows, perhaps they will be meeting new fae, Nunne'hi, Kokopelli, or sandy Djinn. We hope to have letters from them and their adventures.

We would like to introduce Tessa, the new guardian of San Francisco's Faery Doors. She has long been a faery friend and a walker between worlds. Tessa will be gathering the letters and answers as the faery intrepreter.

1. Thank you, Gram for the lovely art and wish for a crystal collection. (Kristol Kulakshin)
Faerys can not always materialize a physical gift, however feel your longing. Crystals can open up pathways in dreams and visions. They are always more useful when given or traded rather than bought. One idea is to buy a crystal, then find a friend to trade with. Leave them out in the light of the full moon to gain potency.

2. Good Morrow, Kaylen. you ask if people can see us. Some do, some do not, yet we are always present in the air, in the forests, in streams and lakes and any wild place. House faeries live amongst you humans as well. If you are lucky enough to have one, they usually live hidden near your fireplace or oven. Remember them with gifts of butter or a saucer of milk, on any night but Wednesday. Wednesday is the faery day of rest and solitude.

3. Faery Blessings on you Julian! The Valentine's flower gift is beautiful. Faeries love flowers and herbs. One you can plant that brings us joy is the herb Thyme. We often sleep in it. May your day be full of wonder.

4. Good Morrow, Garry and Michelle. we read with interest your wish for a happy, healthy baby. You do know how very fond of babies we faeries are. If we saw such a bonny baby, we might be tempted to steal the baby for ourselves! However, as you were kind enough to leave us a note,  we ask you leave a gift for the gnomes out June 20 (Midsummer's Eve) They are in charge of earthen things, and fertility as well as gems. Choose a wise gift, and never thank out loud!

Nina, Milo and Rainbow Writer- find us in starlight, in hidden clover, in the whispers between dusk and dawn.

Remember that June 20 is Midsummer, and one of the best times to contact the Otherworld, in dreams and visions. 

Offer what libations you may.

A Few Notes from March

"I wish you a good time.  Do you like apples?"

Ans:  Yes!
 - Faery

"I wish I could fly.  I wish I will never be scared in my life again. " 

Ans:  The first time you fly, you are going to be scared.  That doesn't mean it's not fun too. - Faery

"Hello from Canada.  I came all the way to write this note.  How's it going?"

Ans:  Welcome here, and thanks for asking.  If you just look around at the world - all its beauty and folly, its peace and storm, its terrible vastness, silence, humility, and miracle - then you will see how it's going, what's up, and how we are.  
 - Faery

"I wish that I could draw really well."  

Ans:  We recommend just drawing at first, and eventually going on to drawing really well.
 - Faery

"Dear Faery, 
Please give me 10 good ideas.  
Love, TJ"

Ans:  Ok...  Give someone a gift;  Hike to the top of a hill;  Write a poem;  Share it with one person, and then throw it away;  Fly a kite in the evening;  Sing;  Introduce yourself to some leaves of grass;  Look out over the sea;  Go somewhere you have never been;  Smile.  - Faery

"I want to be a famous baseball player."

Ans:  Well, first be a baseball player.  Then be a really good baseball player who doesn't care at all about how famous he is.  

"Dear Gnomes,  I have a poem for you:

I wonder how it is like
to be a gnome;
I wonder if it's good or bad;
I wonder."  

Ans:  Than you.  We hear your heart when you speak in poetry, because the heart always speaks in rhythm.
 - Faery

"Hello Faeries!!
I have a question.  Can you hear my thoughts?
Miss you, 

Ans:  Yes, we can perceive them.  The whole world was born in thought.  But we do not always know where an idea came from, and sometimes have to ask, Whose idea was this?

"Dear Faeries, 
Today I went to the Academy of Sciences.  It was so fun.  I bought a big penguin.  It's huge.  I also got another penguin, and a poster, and I went to the deYoung Museum.  What did you do?
Love, Sofia

Ans:  Hi Sofia!  We are glad you are having so much fun and enjoying the wonders of this world, including us faeries.  These days, we are continuing to bring forth the new leaves on the trees, and the flowers on some of them.  We turn the leaves to the light, then we ride with the winged finches and thrushes to hear their songs of the sky again, which we will teach to the nestlings when they hatch.  We probe the blue clouds, looking for rain, and keep the roots of the grasses open for when it does fall.  We listen to the people wandering around, and hope that all their good wishes will come true.  These are but some of the thousands of things we do during the Springtime.  Oh, and we hear and answer messages from our good friends like you.
 - Love, Faery

"I wish that I will not get tickled today."  

Ans:  We're not sure if there's anything we could do about that.  Good luck, whatever happens.
 - Faery  

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