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St Patrick's Day

I would like to live in peace.  Love, Me
Answer:  We wish much peace for you, but storm also.  For what good is one without the other?  And if you would have nothing but peace, we are certain you would soon be wishing out of boredom, for something more rigorous.  
Peace,  Faery
 * * * * * * 
I wish that Donald Trump will no longer be president.  

Answer:  Please wish for something more important - wish for a girlfriend or boyfriend, wish for a puppy, or a dollar, or to get to go to the movies.  Wish for a nice afternoon or a stick of gum.  Wish for something more substantial like that.  Because one day, Donald Trump will no longer be president, and all the little lessons will have been learned.  That day is coming already.  So please wish for something less trivial and which is not already inevitable.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * *
Dear Faery, We love your house and yard.  Do you fix it up?  Lorie

Answer:  Hi Lorie, We make a lot of it happen, but others contribute as well.  We all inspire one another and build our worlds together.  Thanks for the part you play.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * * 
Hi Faeries, Did you have something to do with this rain?  If so, thanx!  Lee

Answer:  We all had something to do with it.  Some of us just needed to stop worrying about the drought.  But now of course they are worrying about the floods.  Faery
 * * * * * * *
Hi.  My name is Rachel.  I am 6.  Here is a flower for you.  I hope that you like smelling the flower.  Bye.

Answer:  We do like it.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * *
Dear Faery, Did you know there are buffalos in this park?  And coyotes?  Where did they come from?  From Greg

Answer:  Yes.  The buffalo came here for safety many years ago.  The coyotes were here before the first men arrived, back when the whole word was a park.  Love Faery
  * * * * * * *
Faery, where are you?  

Answer:  There is one place we always can be found - Here.  Wherever we go, we bring Here with us, and those places become Here.  Thus, we are never lost.  Love Faery

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