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Faery Fan Mail

[sculpture:  Birth   by Debra Bernier]

Dear Faery,
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Love, Geoff

Dear Geoff,
We celebrate every day that comes to us!
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
Faeries can you read?  

Hi Oli,
We do not read your words.  We have a poet friend who reads them for us, and then interprets our answers for you.  We can read the winds, constellations, the dunes and leaves, the cries and flight patterns, the clouds and scents of evening.  And it is all a poem we never weary of seeing.  


 * * * * * * *
Dear Man in the House, 
Where do you keep all the gifts you get?  I left a ring for you but it's gone!

Dear Mina,
We thank you for that gift.  And we have shared it in turn with someone else.  All things are gifts, you know.  You may not always see where they go after they leave your hand.  Neither does the pomegranate tree withhold her fruit from anyone who can reach to grasp her gifts of rubies, nor require that they keep it for themselves only.  
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
Do you want to buy me a present?

Dear child,
We have never been able to understand this idea of buying something.  Isn't everything free:  earth, sea, and sky?  Isn't there enough to go around for everyone?  Or if there are things that are too scarce to have, can not more of them be made?  
And as for things that cannot be made by people, how could you presume to own those and not share?  We do not know why would anyone want money, when everything is free.  We hope the answer to your question may be found here within our response.    
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
Dear Faery, 
Who keeps adding to your house, and putting up decorations around it?

Dear Lucinda,
Faeries can do that, along with some people who work magic too.  
Love, Faery  

 * * * * * * *

Dear Faery people,
Can you make Hillary Clinton become the president?

Dear Citizen,
No, we cannot afford to spend our days on such a thing.  And we recommend that once you have done your appropriate duty, you do not worry about such things either.  There is a whole universe of stars and dark depths that cares not a tail feather for who becomes the president, whose voice is just one among many in the magnificent chorus.  The great song goes on, each verse turning into the next, pounding on through eternity.  Don't get distracted by any one of the little voices.  And don't worry... dance!
Love, Faery
 * * * * * * *

I am 4.  How old you?  

We are ageless - maybe more ancient as the stars, but as new as each rosy dawn.  Which is fortunate, because we do not know about how to count with your symbols anyway!  Have fun, Tony, Mister 4!
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *

I love you faery.  

Dear one,
That is a good thing to do, for us and for everyone else.  Please carry on.  
Love, Faery

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