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Faery Speech

Photo by Kat Jordan

Dear Faeries,
Please let me in.
Love, Alicia

Answer:  Our home has only the bounds of where we have yet to look.  You are welcome in our realm.  Your body may not fit through our little door, but we know your spirit can reach anywhere.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
Dear Faery,
Please help in providing me and my loved ones a healthy, happy life.  And if it isn't too much to ask, a job that allows growth and more financial compensation.  Thank you!  JC

Answer:  Everything you want already exists, whether anyone knows it or not.  All you have to do is find it, or create it which is often the same thing.  

 * * * *
Dear Faery,
I hope you like the flute I gave you.
Love, Alisa

Yes, it is very cool.  We have given it up to where it will get played the most.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
My mom needs some love.

Answer:  If you will bring her back here with you, and along the way show her four leaves, from four different trees, she will surely notice by then that the love is all over the place, and walking right beside her as well.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
I wish for a cat.
from Naomi

Answer:  Dear Naomi, if you will find out just what is needed to keep care of a cat, and prepare a nice home with all that, and stay interested (even if it takes a while for the cat to get to you) we are sure you will have one, because right now there is a cat who is wishing to have you.  Love Faery

 * * * *
Der Fere 
Kn I hv a skat board

Answer:  Dear Sam, Of all the many human inventions we have seen, skateboards are among those which make the most sense.  You can have one, but we suggest getting to know it really well before going down a hill on it.  And your parents will probably want you to have taken a few more trips around the sun first.  But it's all good.  Love Faery 

 * * * *
Visiting the Faery tree all the way from Estonia.  Beautiful sunny day (rare in the SF summer)!  Laura & Merle

Answer:  Welcome!  You might have brought some inspiration for that rare magic with you.  We are usually content with the sea fog of our summers, but sometimes give it a break and let the golden fire shine.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
Der Faire
I wi to be your frned,  
Love Sawyer

Answer:  Dear Sawyer,  We want you to be our friend too.  We will accept your goodwill and help when needed and feasible, and we offer you ours too.  May the Earth turn, and the sun burn for you, our new friend.  Love, Faery 

 * * * *
I wish I maree Olle.

Answer:  That is a fine wish.  If Olle can hold the same wish in his heart too, it will be like a hearth that you both will tend, and which will give you all light and warmth you will need when the time comes.  The rain and wind cannot touch it without your permission.  Dream all the dreams you desire, and share them with those who will help tend the fire.    Love, Faery

 * * * *
Faeries, thank you for the magical day I had!
 - Nikki G.
 - Shay Pal

Answer:  You're very welcome.  You know, they are all magic - all the days and all the nights.  Thank you for seeing the miracles of this one.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
I love you Faery.

Answer:  Thanks to you.  All the love you give is still yours to enjoy too.  In fact, maybe it doesn't actually exist until you give it - maybe nothing does.  Maybe this whole world and everything in it is a gift for those who can handle it.  Anyway, we love you too.  Faery

 * * * *
Hi Elf
You real.

Answer:  Yes.  Thanks for noticing.  Love Faery  (Elf)

 * * * *
Dear Faery,  Did you make your door?  I like your door.  My brother Charlie wishes he could be with you.  And I, Jojo, would like to be with you too.  Thank you,  Jojo

Answer:  Dear Jojo, Yes, we made our door, and even got some humans to pitch in with us.  Thank you, we like it too.  You and Charlie are welcome to be with us.  We are busy with leaves this time of year, and will soon be helping them turn and fall.  Come and see if you would like to.  Love, Faery

 * * * * 

Hi!!!  My dream is to meet Cookie Monster. - Aiden

Answer:  Dear Aiden, Our best suggestion for that would be to go where the cookies are, but be careful, because you may become the cookie monster yourself.  Love Faery

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A fan of the faeries on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 10:16 PM
I love the questions you are asked, and I love the answers. :)
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