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March Mail

"Hey Faeries,
Why doesn't love last?

Answer:  Love is more than happiness; it is more than worry and more than sorrow.  It is everything.  It does last, but its face changes - just like the seasons which are still part of the same stream of time.  Love is always around you and within you whether you recognize it or not.  

 * * * *
"I wish for a cat and a dog and lots of candy.  I love you Faeries."

Answer:  Because we love you too, we recommend this instead:  a cat, a piece of candy, and lots of dogs.  - Faery

 * * * *
"Dear Faeries,
I hope to meet you someday.  I don't live in San Francisco.  I live in Santa Rosa.  
Love Avery"

Answer:  Dear Avery, You may find the Faery folk anywhere you see nature and art thriving.  We know there are many of us up around the Santa Rosa area who would be pleased to meet you as well.  Be quiet and gentle and polite, and you will feel us looking back at you.
Love, Faery

 * * * *
"Thank you for keeping the park so beautiful."

Answer:  You are very welcome.  No work of art is finished  until it is admired.  And it is your eyes that allow its beauty in, and your heart which graces it with your own.  Love, Faery  
 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, Thanks for all the adventures.  Your door has been one of THE destinations for our kids and at the heart of many stories.  Your home in the Music Concourse is my favorite spot.  I've called SF home since I was born.  Sadly, the wishes I've made in your water fountains have not brought enough fortune for me to stay.  My family and I are off to new adventures in Iowa - a place far from home, but rich in opportunity.  I'll miss you and everything you represent in San Francisco.  Please come visit and we will too.  Lulu and Madelyn will be older and bigger the next time you see them, but I'm hoping their innocence will remain enough to enjoy this place as much as I have.  All the best, Jenn (and Lulu and Madelyn and Johnny)"

Answer:   We will miss you.  There is Faery magic everywhere, including where you are going.  And you will bring some of your own magic there too.  Fare well in those new fields of dreams. - Faery

 * * * *

"A wish for my friend that she finds a true love, a great job that she can live on, and happiness with everyday struggles."

Answer:  Sounds great - may it be.  She already has at least one good friend so she's off to a good start. - Faery

 * * * *

"Be careful!  Bees might be coming.  Treasure!"

Answer:  Thank you.  All are welcome.  All is wealth.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Friendship is the key to everything.  By Gloria"

Answer:  We like you.  Friendship is our key, our doorway and our house.  - Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, I would like to leave you some candy.  I would like to meet you one day.  Fin
We will buy some candy and come back."

Answer:  Hey Fin, We appreciate the offer, but you do not need candy to hang out with us.  For ages, people have left us candy or cream, saved us a piece of birthday cake, and such.  We never actually ate it, but we always loved the thought.  The only ones who eat the candy people have left in our door are the bugs.  We would like them to find their own food though, as a diet of candy makes them weak.  As for us, the food we thrive on:  Music; Sun; Admiration; Starlight; Laughter; Wind; Moonlight; Leafshade; Dew.  Bring us all you want!  - Love, Faery 

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, I love you.  I hope I meet you someday.  Love, Camilla"

Answer:  Come out to the meadow, the field, the grove, the shore.  Listen for the spirit of the place.  We will find each other.  - Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, I wish for an invisible unicorn with wings, please, that only I can see.  xxoo Maya"

Answer:  Dear Maya, That sounds like something you can create.  You start, and if we have any suggestions, we will let you know.  - Love Faery
PS - We just thought of one suggestion - make him or her slightly luminous so that you and only you can see it at night.  Night flying is the best.  

 * * * *

"Deary Faery!  If you could please send love my way, that would be swell.  If it's Garry that would be ok, but I will take any nice, loving man.  Thank you so much!  Love and kisses, Jan ..."

Answer:  Dear Jan, Love is easy to send in any direction on our own, for it is even more abundant than light or space.  But sending it via someone else can be difficult.  We will tell you how to obtain it for yourself.  The way is not to chase or hunt for it, but to keep your soft net open and check it at the end of each day and see what has willingly leapt into it.  There are many fish is the sea.  Love Faery

 * * * * 

"Dear Faeries, How does the magic come from your wand?"

Answer:  The wand is composed of magic, as are all living things.  We and you are made of magic too, and all of our words spoken from the heart are magic words.  A wand is just a friend to enhance and help you direct your own magic.  We find they are best at helping us locate things.  Love, Faery

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