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More Faery Fan Mail

"Dear Faeries, I hope you enjoy this home and the gifts me and my friend Piper made for you.  Love, Tess"
Answer:  We love this place, and the people who come to see us, and the little gifts our friends make.  Thank you.  - Faery 

"I know magic is real."
Answer:  Who are we to argue with that? - Faery

"I want that my whole family will have good health.  Thank you!!!"  
Answer:  Live well, eat well, breathe well - be well.  

"I wish I was rich."
Answer:  You have the wealth of the world at your feet - the gold of the sun, the nightfall of diamonds, the sapphire of the seas.  It is all yours to do with what you will, only if you recognize it's your responsibility.  What will you do with it? - Faery

"I wish that my dad will come alive."
Answer:  Like we of Faery, humans are spiritual beings dressed in bodies.  To die is only to transition, like when your coat wears out and you need another one.  But since most people only recognize one another by the coats they wear, and even base their identities on what they are wearing, they can get pretty confused about it.  You do not have to believe us of course, but we can say to you with absolute certainty that your dad is not dead - he just took off his coat.  - Love, Faery

"We love you, Mr Elf - Zeke and Maizie"
Answer:  Well, what's not to love?  And we humbly thank you.  - Love, Faery

"Hello, I just wanted to say that you are beautiful!"
Answer:  Thanks; the world is full of beauty; and it is your eyes that allow it.  - Faery

"Dear Faeries, We hope you are all enjoying your lives being faeries.  Finding your door was very exciting.  Please help our wishes come true.  Love, Mason and Chloe"
Answer:  Yes, we love being faeries.  And we think you love being humans which is very good.  We are all for the wishes being made by people such as you.  Love, Faery

"Dear Faeries and creatures of the wood, Thank you for everything you do and do not.  A big kiss and hug for you.  - Paz"
Answer:  We think you have wise judgment and good taste.  Love, Faery

"We found the front door!  Thank you for making the day to be so happy.  Have a nice one.  Love, Christina"
Answer:  Thanks, Christina.  We find gladness in all days and all nights, particularly when it's shared.  - Love, Faery

"Faeries, are you tooth faeries or not?  Jax"
Answer:  Well, that's like another department.  Just leave it under your pillow as usual.  Things come and go here, so we're not sure what would happen if you left a tooth in the tree.  Love, Faery

"Dear Faeries, I love you and would not hurt you.  Thank you for showing up for me.  - J.A."
Answer:  The feeling is mutual, but actually we showed up so many ages ago.  Thanks for finally noticing.  Love, Faery

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