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More Faery Correspondence

"I wish I could fly."

Ans:  The wish is the first step.  Love, Faery


"I want friends who like me for who I am."  

Ans:  Friends are those who help one another.  Help someone, and if they help you back too, you have a friend.  Love, Faery


"Hi, my name is Gabe.  Please write me a note back."

Answer:  Alright, how's this?  We like all the notes people leave just for us.  But this is the best way to answer them, otherwise our hollow tree would be overflowing with scraps of paper by now.  Thanks for your letter.  Love, Faery


"I wish to be a successful person and to be not a greedy person."

Ans:  Just knowing the difference makes all the difference.  Carry on!  Love, Faery    


"What food do you like?  Can you give us preasins?  Love, Elodie, Sadie, and Charlotte"

Ans:  Food for us is music, admiration, and sunlight - in which we find our pixie dust.  As for presents, we bring the trees, the sweet breeze, and the feathered wings upon them.  What more do you want?  Love, Faery


"Dear whoever lives in this nice house, 
I love faeries.  Please let me see you.
- Finley"

Ans:  Dear Sir Finley, 
Please look for us.  Use more than just your eyes to see.  Use your wonder filled heart to embrace the wide world, and you will be in for a revelation.
Love, Faery


"Dear Faeries, I love nature.  You live in it.  It is wonderful.  From Alexandra"

Ans:  Dear Alexandra, thanks for the compliment.  Yes, it is awesome.  And you know what?  You live in nature too.  Everyone does - they just may not be able to notice it when they are inside their walls and under their roofs, but they are still on this wonderful planet and under the same awesome sky as are we.  
Love, Faery    


"Hi.  It took years to find.  Jose"

Ans:  Well done on persevering and finding our home.  Now what are you going to do?  Love, Faery


"Dear Faery, 
In case you break your magic wand - you have an extra stick.
Love, Camille"

Ans:  Thank you for the gift, kind Lady.  It is a nice one.  Love, Faery 


"Dear Faery,
Do you like your home?  Is it cozy?  Do you have pets?  What kind of pet?
 - Bella"

Ans:  Dear Bella, 
We love our little houses, because they are meeting places where we can meet nice people - like you.  Our real home is everywhere though, because home is where the heart is.
We kind of have pets, except they are more like friends.  Around here they include lots of critters - crickets, owls, coyotes, deer, snails, children, skunks, racoons, hawks, finches, jays, robins, beetles, squirrels, cats, ladybugs, and more.  They are really just friends, more than pets, because they are all absolutely free. 
Love, Faery


"I wish unicorns were real.  Addy"

Ans:  Dear Addy, 
Even if they were not real, a wish like that would begin their journey to being real.  Ages ago, when the great dragons called dinosaurs walked the earth, someone had a thought like, "I wish people were real."  And there you are!
Love, Faery


 "Dear Faery, 
My name is Hayden and I would like to ask you some questions:

1)  Tinkerbelle, what's the best thing you have ever made?
2)  How fast can you fly?
3)  How's your best day ever?
4)  What's your worst day ever?
5)  What's your funniest moment?"

Ans:  Dear Hayden, thanks for the interest.  Here are our answers:  1) We love Tinkerbelle, and we think the best thing she made ever was the laughter and wonder of all the children who were watching her when they went to see the play, Peter Pan.  2) We can move very fast - as swift as thought.  3) Our best day ever was a lot like this one.  Every day is full of magic.  4)  We do not believe in bad days.  Each day arrives with its light, and it is up to us to use it well.  If we do not, it isn't the day's fault.  They are all good days.   5)  That's hard to tell also.  We have seen some funny things happen, and received some funny messages too, but sometimes we just hang out and laugh because isn't it so funny that we are all in this little world together???

Love, Faery


"Dear Faeries, 
Is Faeryland fun?  I hope you are having fun in your magical world!  
Sincerely, Breckin
PS - Is is ok if I didn't draw a picture?"

Ans:  Dear Breckin,
Yes, it's ok.  And yes, Faeryland is fun.  A few people have visited it.  They call it Tir Na Nog.  Some of them had so much fun they forgot to come back.  But this place is made of the same magic too, it's just harder to see with the river of time sweeping through.  So you have fun in your magical world too.  
Love, Faery


"Dear Tinkerbelle, What are the lost things you found?  From Ruthie"

Ans:  Dear Ruthie, 
We can tell you that many things show up at our doors.  We have found shells from the sea and stones from the great mountains, along with necklaces of jade and silver, earrings, rubber balls, little cars, woodcarvings, coins from many lands, and other things.  Sometimes we also find half eaten candy and the bugs and snails who are eating it.  
Love, Faery


"What's your house look like?  What's your favorite show?"

Ans:  You saw our house.  It looks like that.  Our favorite show?  It would be hard to decide between sunset, and sunrise, and the purple glow of noon, and the nightfall of diamonds.  So we'll just say that this one grand show goes ever on.  
Love, Faery


"Hi Faery.  I want to ask you how to fix a broken heart.  Kathleen"

Ans:  Dear Kathleen,
Don't worry about fixing a broken heart.  Let it stay broken open to receive the light of the sky, and to welcome and embrace the whole world.  If a heart breaks, it was just closed up too small and holding on too tightly to one sweet dream.  But the whole world is composed of dream, and the dreaming is yours to share.  
Love, Faery

2 Comments to More Faery Correspondence:

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Faerydae Dreamer on Friday, October 16, 2015 11:24 AM
Please bring some færy love & magic to Stern Grove near the dog park. This area used to be full of fun & frolic, the ground was soft & green and the coyotes had plenty of wild prey and were seen so seldom that many wondered if they were just an urban legend. The park residents are struggling to survive and the spirit of the woods has been broken. I know færies aren't the ones who perform miracles but a little light-hearted færy love sure can not hurt!
Reply to comment
T. Powell on Friday, October 16, 2015 1:24 PM
Thank you for the information. Rio and I will visit the park and confer with the wood folk and see what might be done.

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