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New Letters - New Answers

"Hi Faery.
I found your home over here and I think it is really nice.
I live in Columbia, Bogota, and I love San Francisco.
My name is Helena"

Ans:  Hi Helena.   We are happy you found our home.  We love it here too.  We hope you will come back again.  Love, Faery

"Hi Faery,
We found your house.  Did you take the shell?  We hope you like it.  It's yours now.  
We made wishes here.  Maybe they'll come true.  Thanks.  Have a good day."

Ans:  Hi.  Thank you for the gift from the sea.  We did take it, and like you and the sea we have passed it on.  
Making wishes is good work.  It is the first step in making the future.  If you work towards them, the only reason they wouldn't come true is if you have already made other wishes that might be getting in the new ones' ways.  Love, Faery

"Dear Faery, 
This is Sam - again.  Thanks for the rain, but... We Need More!  
Like, we would like it to rain for a week - so California will be out of the drought.
Thank You!

Ans:  Hi Sam.  We thank you for your note, and we understand your concern.  For right now, all we can say is that we are using the water very well, but elsewhere.  We hope you will not worry about this land of California though.  She has been through much change - glaciers, fires, deserts, floods, earthquakes - and she has come out all the more beautiful for it.  It will rain again, but in the meantime, enjoy the experience of the dry spell, and anticipate a future as full of beauty as always.  Love, Faery

"I would be more strong, a tool for peace.  Improve my English for speaking and working all around the world changing the mind and the heart of people.  

Ans:  Dear Monica, 
We know your command of English is much greater than ours, as we have none, and require an interpreter.  However, we have changed the hearts and minds of people, even so.  As for your strength, it is a kind of energy; and you have as much as you are brave enough to call forth and handle.  
We wish you great success!  
Love, Faery

"I love you."

Ans:  We feel it, and send ours to you.  Love, Faery

"Dear Faery, 
Thank you for the blue bunny.  Please send me a orange bunny.  Love, Max"

Ans:  Dear Max, 
You are very welcome for the bunny, but none of us here can remember ever even seeing a blue one.  Maybe something happened to him on his way to you.  We can whisper our wishes in the ears of the next bunny we see, but we cannot say with any certainty what color it may be by the time it reaches you.   Love, Faery

"I wish I could see you.  But I love your house.  - Kaila"

Ans:  Dear Kaila, 
If you want to see us, look with your heart rather than just your eyes.  Love, Faery

"I gave your string back.  Love, Abby"

Ans:  Thank you, Abby.  Love, Faery

"Dear Faeries, 
My name is Paige.  Are you having fun being a faery?  I am sorry you were not home and we missed you.  I hope you have a good time being a faery.  Love, Paige"

Ans:  Dear Paige, 
Yes, we have a great time being faeries.  That is what we have the most fun doing, so that is what we spend the most time being.  We hope you are having a great time being Paige.  Please keep looking for us.  Love, Faery

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