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Recent Faery Notes

(This edition is dedicated to Hig the Faery dog)

Dere Feres, or who Ever looks at the notes.  Tell me your name.  My name is Maia.  
+ PS - Clab.  That means look out.  
6 yirs Old.  Tomoro is my Birthday.  I love you feres.

Ans:  Dear Maia, 
Happy birthday, and all days.   We do not use word names among ourselves.  But most of us here in the park have been around in other lands and times and have been known by various names.  The one who answers you now was for a while known as Aethas of the Birds.  Her friend here has been given the name of Skunk.  But we and you are all much older than any of our names.  - Faery

    *    *    *    *
I won a soccer game and I played it right here.  

Ans:  We love the games among the trees and grass and sky.  Next time we may join you.  - Faery

    *    *    *    *
I can't say anything this Saturday that hasn't been said before, but I wish you and yours have the best life possible, whatever that may be.  Godspeed and Goddess bless.
 - Chatski and Snowy

Ans:  We can only wish the same for you.  But nothing we say has ever been said before, though it may sound the same, like the river that looks the same from day to day, but is never full of the same water twice.  - Faery

    *    *    *    *

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I hope you can keep your job.  Without you, there wouldn't be any fun in losing teeth.  Have a good time.  
From Aiden
PS - Get ready because my sister has a wiggly tooth.

Ans:  We are glad you appreciate the Tooth Faery's work, she who worships childhood so much that she would keep its every relic.  We will pass on your good wishes and your alert.  - Faery

    *    *    *    *

What is it like to fly?  

Ans:  It is proof that your dreams are true, and that your will is totally free.  They are anyway, but to fly is to let your body share in what your spirit already well knows.  - Faery

    *    *    *    *

Let us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky...

Ans:  We should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas... - TSE 

    *    *    *    *

I wish I could move out here by my son and find a job.  

Ans:  That is fine by us.  Go right ahead.  - Faery

    *    *    *    *

Happy New Year!  
Love, Sophie, David, Isabel, Tula, Adar, and Mitchell - the Segway Gang

Ans:  Happy new year to you.  May they all be happy.  - Faery

    *    *    *    *

Dear Faery, 
Thank you for the glory of beauty and for the trees and the other things that make us survive, and the snacks that we eat.  And also for the love for faeries.  
Love, Austin

Ans:  Now, we could go on about the actual sources and origins of these things, and your share in their creation as well, but we've decided just to tell you the only part that you wish to hear:  You are very welcome.  - Faery

    *    *    *    *

Dear Faery,
I love the faeries because they are so nice and they put magic spells on bad guys and lady bugs.  
Love Hannah

Ans:  Oh, thank you - we are basically nice, but must say that while we can unapologetically admit to stinging a few litterbugs with little spears daubed in poison oak sap, we would never even prank a lady bug.  That must have been someone else who did that.  - Faery  

    *    *    *    *

Dear gnome, 
I wish I could fly and am a fairy.  Can you use some of your pixie dust to make me fly?  
Love, Noey

Ans:  We are primarily composed of light.  We may move anywhere we will, with or without even the pixie dust, which mainly nourishes us, like a fine breakfast.  For a human, we recommend wings suitable to your earthy frame.  And you had better have a good breakfast too.  - Faery 

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