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New Batch of Notes

New Batch of Notes (December '14):

"Dear Elves and Fariys,
Hello, so first, if you know Twinkle and Peri, tell them I miss them.  They live at the North Pole.  I have visit your door before so this is my secend time.
Love, Mia Lucy Voqui"

Ans:  Hi Mia.  We do not know them by those names, but we are familiar with the Faeries of the North.  They send down the icy winds; we hurl the clouds up to them, and sometimes we meet and sail together on the tides of storm.  We think you will be hearing from them again soon.  
Love, Faery

"Dear Elf Person, 
I love your house.  If I was smaller I would like to live there.
Malina H."

Ans:  Dear Malina, 
You would be welcome.
Love, Faery

"I want a Boomco Nerf Blaster, please.  
From Teagan"

Ans:  Hi Teagan.  We recommend asking another elf - the red robed one with his white beard.  He will be around for the Yule.  Love, Faery

"We wish all people know they are loved and have a place to call home.  
Love, Tyler and Mom"

Ans:  Yes - so do we; because it is true that they are and that they do.  Everything carries a message of love, and most of the words are never read.  
Love, Faery

"Dear Fairies,
Can you try to take the things that we leave?
Love, Noa"

Ans:  Dear Noa,
We get the gifts.  Sometimes we leave them to be admired where they are, and sometimes we give them out too.  They go to good use.  Except for food.  If we don't get to the food in time, the sow bugs barge in and then they do not leave even after lots of hints.  We especially like to get notes and crafted things.  Did you see all the wind chimes?  
Love, Faery

"I wish I could see you."

Ans:  Your eyes wish to know what your heart already knows - the world is full of magic.  Yes, let them share in it.  Love, Faery  

"Hi there!  You are beautiful and, even though we can't see you, we hope you have pretty dresses that match your home!  Love, Golden Geckos - Colin, Ella, Eva, Bethany, Keira, Lily, Lexi, Aardvark, Eric, Rylie, Jamie Jellyfish."

Ans:  We thank you, and return the admiration.  Some of us dress in leaf and moss; others, in water and light.  We think we look pretty cool.  Love, Faery

"I wish I will get all A+s in school!"

Ans:  We hope you will learn from school and the turning world around you - and be able to use what you learn.  If that is what you mean by A+, then we are all for it.  Love, Faery

"Your house is lovely.  Well, please visit and write back.  Love Charlotte"

Ans:  Thank you!  We will visit.  Love, Faery

"It's gonna be OK.
 - Sad child with abusive parent"

Ans:  Because children are often so bright and strong, they sometimes get stuck carrying burdens they should never have to.  We think you should find another adult to talk to about any abuse going on.  And yes, it will be OK!  Love, Faery

"Wishing for all our dreams to come true!  Enjoy the beauty around you!"

Ans:  Each and every thing around us is a dream that came true.  Dream good dreams, and enjoy!  Love, Faery

"Dear Faery, 
I really enjoy the door in the tree. 
I'll see you soon.

Ans:  Dear Lindsay,  
We hope you will see us soon.  
Love Faery

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