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1.  Dear Faery, 
We like your hollow.  Do you live here?
Love, Faery Friends

Ans:  Dear Friends, 
Thank you.  Yes, we live everywhere we go.
Love, Faery

2.  Dear Faeries,
I am so excited to finally find you and I hope you have a nice time.  Also, I am such a big fan.  I also found one in the park - you know, the one right outside of the Academy of Sciences - but that one wasn't as secret as this one.  I also really like to study a bunch about Faeries and I'll keep it a secret.  
ps - I'll only tell two people.
From:  Abigail Mei Lin
To:  the Faeries

Ans:  Dear Abigail,
We're very glad you found us.  And we will be glad if you were to find us again sometime too.  
Love, Faery

3.  Hi Faeries!  This is Abigail's mom.  We love your house.  It's so beautiful.  We had a great adventure today coming here.  Thank you for making us smile.
 - SHBL  
ps - enjoy the ginger!

Ans:  Hi Abigail's Mom.  We are glad Abigail has you to accompany her on adventures.  That is really sharing life, because life itself is an adventure.  
Love, Faery

4.  Dear Faeries,
Thank you for letting us come to visit you.  Sorry we missed you.  Have a wonderful day!
Love, the Stewarts

Ans:  It is nice of you to come by.  Don't worry if you don't see us at first, just make yourself at home.  And at some point you may see that we had been there all along.  
Love, Faery

5.  Hi Faeries, when I go to the Academy today, will you make me into a faery too? 
 - Sechil

Ans:  Dear Sechil, 
It is you who makes yourself into what you are, and you can be anything you want to be.  Just remember, it will always be YOU being whatever you choose.  And that is a great thing.  
Love, Faery

6.  I wish for my parents would stop fighting.  

Ans:  Yeah, we understand.  Fighting wouldn't be so bad in itself, but too often the fighters get so involved in winning the fight that they forget their dreams of kindness and beauty and family - usually things they really care most about.  We hope you will keep those dreams alive for them in your heart, until they wake up to find them again.  
Love, Faery

7.  Brayden was here.  To:  Faery.  From:  Brayden.  You have a very good house!

Ans:  Thank you, Brayden.   We're happy you could visit.  We'll have to visit your house sometime.  We cannot say when, but we can always hope you'll be surprised in a good way.  
Love, Faery

8.  Dear little elf, or faery,
I have visited your humble home and I hope you don't mind.  I have been wanting to find your home for 2 years.  The little smiley by your door - I left it there, saying it was for you to cause more joy.  
from, Aria M.

Ans:  Dear Aria,
Thanks for coming by, and for creating joy - there is nothing much more worthy to spend time on creating than that.  We will come by your house too sometime.  See you - hopefully before the earth has swung round the sun twice more.  
Love, Faery

9.  Dear Elf,
Please let my son lead a meaningful life.  S.

Ans:  Dear S.  You know already that his life means much to you.  It means a lot to people around him, and the grass and the trees and all living things, actually.  We think what you're asking is that he may appreciate the meaning himself.  He can, and it will be a meaning all his own.  
Love, Faery

10.  I love you Faeries.  Charley is my friend, & we want to be friends with you.
Love, Zoe & Charley

Ans:  Dear Zoe, 
Any friend of Charley's is a friend of ours, including Charley himself.  
Love, Faery

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