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a Pile of Notes

[Transcriptions of messages and translated answers in series]:

1.  Dear Faeries, I love your home.  Love, Chloe

Ans:  Thank you, Chloe.  We love it too.  It is true that home is where the heart is.  And of our home we have not discovered any borders - the farther we look, the more there is.  Love, Faery

2.  Dear Fairies, Hi! Sofia here.  I love Faeries.  Love, Sofia.    

Ans:  Hi there!  We love Sofias.  Love, Faery

3.  To Faeries:  Do you have pixie dust?  If you do, please respond (or, if you do not).  from Quinn

Ans:  Kind of.  We find it in the first light of daybreak, the last flash of sundown, and all over the leaves on golden afternoons, but if we do not use it then, it will fly off on its own.  So we do not store it.  Love, Faery 

4.  Seamus wishes for a fire truck.  

Ans:  Dear Seamus, we believe that the best way to get a fire truck is to become a firefighter.  And it's never too early to start training for anything.  Love, Faery

5.  Do you have powers?  If so, can you give me some?  - Anonymous

Ans:  Yes we have powers, but they are no greater than your own powers which would serve you best.  Discover your own abilities and freedoms, Rio... i.e., Anonymous.  Love, Faery 

6.  Dear Faery, I want to know - are you alive?  Love Claire

Ans:  Dear Claire, Yes we are alive, as are most things.  Even the stones, whose hearts beat much slower than yours, are in rhythm with you and the wheeling stars and all life.  Love, Faery

7.  To Faeries:  I would like to learn all your names.  I would like to see a faery.  can you please visit me?  Love, Tula

Ans:  Dear Tula, Sure.  We visit people often without their knowing.  But if you will hang out with us where the wild things grow, eventually you will know our names - because you will have come to know us so well that you will have named us yourself.  Love, Faery

8.  Dear Faery, Have a good time collecting these notes.  

Ans:  Thank you - we actually did.  Love, Faery

9.  Hello Faeries,  Please come by and have a cup of tea.  Tam & Margarita

Ans:  Thank you for the sweet invite.  Of all the arts of humanity, there are none more gentle and refined than the brewing of tea.  Love, Faery

10.  Dear Faeries,  If you get this letter, please answer this question:  How many people do you have in your family?  

Ans:  We know some people count among their family members, only those that live with them under the same roof; others include all their kin and friends and pets and plants, and some include all their ancestors too.  Since we do not live under a roof, we have to include everything we care for - every blade of grass.  And we do not use numbers, but even if we did, we do not think we could give you an exact count, except for saying, 'Many'.  Love, Faery

11.  [sketch of two faeries]  From Simone

Ans:  Thank you, Simone, they look familiar.  Love, Faery

12.  [sketch of two faeries]  From Cat

Ans:  Thank you Cat.  We really like it.  Love, Faery

13.  Dear Faeries, Thank you for looking out for the children!  With love, a Friend    

Ans:  Dear Friend, We try to help them have fun and enjoy the beauty and magic of which this world is entirely composed.  But no one looks after them like a good parent.  And we think parents look out for their children best when they also help them to look after themselves.  Well done, so far.  Love, Faery

 14.  Dear Faery,  Not die until I am 100.  Sunil

Ans:  Dear Sunil,  We cannot count with numbers, but this is what we hope for you:  that when you are ready to move on to new fields of dreams, you will do so with as much hope and wonder as you had coming in to this one.   Love, Faery

15.  What are your names, Faeries?  Love, Kimia

Ans:  The names that we of Faery call one another by do not translate well into human words.  You may have heard of some of us by names such as, Puck, Cobweb, Mustardseed, Pan, Jack Frost, etc.  But to know our real names, you would have to hang out with us in the green woods and listen, until your ears eventually hear the sounds that will seem strange and familiar at the same time.  Love, Faery

16.  [abstract drawing]

Ans:  Thank you, Deirdre.

17.  Will I win the state lottery and become a millionaire?  If not, can I get a new car?  Tommy

Ans:  Dear Tommy,  There is nothing wrong with wealth.  If that is what you wish, we are not standing in your way.  But we do not think anyone really wins the lottery.  One is chosen based not on merit or ability or even need, but by almost entirely random chance.  We have almost nothing to do with numbers and cannot advise you in your wish to be chosen as the recipient of the lottery money.  However, we can tell you with certainty how not to be chosen:  Don't buy a ticket.    Love, Faery

18.  Hi Faeries,  Do you believe in us?

Ans:  Yes.  Someone has to.  Love, Faery

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rio on Saturday, March 08, 2014 3:27 PM
a pile of notes,it only adds up to 14.Who knows?[probably you do.]maybe[is a bad word.]you might reach 1000 someday.[i'll help.] sincerely,Rio [your friend]
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