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of Faeries Good and Evil

My name is Camila.
I have never met a faery; nice to talk to one.
Camila B. 
12 Years Old (almost 13)
TURN ...
Q:  Are all faeries kind or are there some evil ones?
Dear Camila,
It is nice to meet you too.  Your sketch is beautiful and your question very profound.  
In some ways, faeries are very much like people.  Composed essentially of love, we are all basically good and kind and strong.  Even when we must fight to defend something we care for, we do not need to hate.  But sometimes a person or even a faery can become so embattled that they lose sight of what they are even fighting for and sometimes even lose sight of who they are.  From then on their lives become a battle fought without a purpose against the world in general and in which they may use any means to prevail and conquer. 
We do our best to out-create them with our works of goodness.  It is a kind of a battle we are engaged in, but we do not hate our enemies wielding their famines, plagues and epidemics because that would put us a step closer to being what they have become and besides, beneath all their violence and shadows, their sleeping spirits are essentially good and kin to ours.  May they sometime very soon awaken from their nightmares.  Meanwhile, we will carry on the creation.     
Nice talking with you...
the Faeries

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