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Messages and Answers

March Mail

"Hey Faeries,
Why doesn't love last?

Answer:  Love is more than happiness; it is more than worry and more than sorrow.  It is everything.  It does last, but its face changes - just like the seasons which are still part of the same stream of time.  Love is always around you and within you whether you recognize it or not.  

 * * * *
"I wish for a cat and a dog and lots of candy.  I love you Faeries."

Answer:  Because we love you too, we recommend this instead:  a cat, a piece of candy, and lots of dogs.  - Faery

 * * * *
"Dear Faeries,
I hope to meet you someday.  I don't live in San Francisco.  I live in Santa Rosa.  
Love Avery"

Answer:  Dear Avery, You may find the Faery folk anywhere you see nature and art thriving.  We know there are many of us up around the Santa Rosa area who would be pleased to meet you as well.  Be quiet and gentle and polite, and you will feel us looking back at you.
Love, Faery

 * * * *
"Thank you for keeping the park so beautiful."

Answer:  You are very welcome.  No work of art is finished  until it is admired.  And it is your eyes that allow its beauty in, and your heart which graces it with your own.  Love, Faery  
 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, Thanks for all the adventures.  Your door has been one of THE destinations for our kids and at the heart of many stories.  Your home in the Music Concourse is my favorite spot.  I've called SF home since I was born.  Sadly, the wishes I've made in your water fountains have not brought enough fortune for me to stay.  My family and I are off to new adventures in Iowa - a place far from home, but rich in opportunity.  I'll miss you and everything you represent in San Francisco.  Please come visit and we will too.  Lulu and Madelyn will be older and bigger the next time you see them, but I'm hoping their innocence will remain enough to enjoy this place as much as I have.  All the best, Jenn (and Lulu and Madelyn and Johnny)"

Answer:   We will miss you.  There is Faery magic everywhere, including where you are going.  And you will bring some of your own magic there too.  Fare well in those new fields of dreams. - Faery

 * * * *

"A wish for my friend that she finds a true love, a great job that she can live on, and happiness with everyday struggles."

Answer:  Sounds great - may it be.  She already has at least one good friend so she's off to a good start. - Faery

 * * * *

"Be careful!  Bees might be coming.  Treasure!"

Answer:  Thank you.  All are welcome.  All is wealth.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Friendship is the key to everything.  By Gloria"

Answer:  We like you.  Friendship is our key, our doorway and our house.  - Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, I would like to leave you some candy.  I would like to meet you one day.  Fin
We will buy some candy and come back."

Answer:  Hey Fin, We appreciate the offer, but you do not need candy to hang out with us.  For ages, people have left us candy or cream, saved us a piece of birthday cake, and such.  We never actually ate it, but we always loved the thought.  The only ones who eat the candy people have left in our door are the bugs.  We would like them to find their own food though, as a diet of candy makes them weak.  As for us, the food we thrive on:  Music; Sun; Admiration; Starlight; Laughter; Wind; Moonlight; Leafshade; Dew.  Bring us all you want!  - Love, Faery 

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, I love you.  I hope I meet you someday.  Love, Camilla"

Answer:  Come out to the meadow, the field, the grove, the shore.  Listen for the spirit of the place.  We will find each other.  - Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, I wish for an invisible unicorn with wings, please, that only I can see.  xxoo Maya"

Answer:  Dear Maya, That sounds like something you can create.  You start, and if we have any suggestions, we will let you know.  - Love Faery
PS - We just thought of one suggestion - make him or her slightly luminous so that you and only you can see it at night.  Night flying is the best.  

 * * * *

"Deary Faery!  If you could please send love my way, that would be swell.  If it's Garry that would be ok, but I will take any nice, loving man.  Thank you so much!  Love and kisses, Jan ..."

Answer:  Dear Jan, Love is easy to send in any direction on our own, for it is even more abundant than light or space.  But sending it via someone else can be difficult.  We will tell you how to obtain it for yourself.  The way is not to chase or hunt for it, but to keep your soft net open and check it at the end of each day and see what has willingly leapt into it.  There are many fish is the sea.  Love Faery

 * * * * 

"Dear Faeries, How does the magic come from your wand?"

Answer:  The wand is composed of magic, as are all living things.  We and you are made of magic too, and all of our words spoken from the heart are magic words.  A wand is just a friend to enhance and help you direct your own magic.  We find they are best at helping us locate things.  Love, Faery

Alta Vista School Fieldtrip

(Photos by Wendi Kruger)

"The Faery doors are awesome.  Happy Valentine's Day.
Best wishes, 
Love, Ruby"

Thank you.  We are glad you visited, and got to  witness them.  Best wishes for you too.
Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries,
Do you live in here?
From, Zoe the Awesome"

Answer:  We live here, and everywhere else we go too.  Home is where the heart is, and of that we have not found any borders however far over the world we roam.
Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries,
Please give me a chance to live in the Caribbean.  Also, Happy Valentine's Day.
From Max"

Dear Max, 
For however so long as that place exists, the chance to live there is yours.  It may or may not be the best decision at a given time, but we think that is mostly up to you.  Please send us a card whenever you get there.  And happy days to you  too.  
- Faery

 * * * *

"Can I please have some more Beanie Babies?  Samantha"

Answer:  Not sure...  How many do you have already?  - Faery

 * * * *

"How long have you lived here?"

Answer:  Some of us have been here for ages - since before any people were here; when the bay was a wide grassy meadow where the great mammoths roamed, followed by the dire wolves who hunted in pairs.  Strange flowers bloomed to be ravaged by the white bees, and a river ran through it - from the high mountains in the East where the blue glaciers were beginning to melt - and out over the stone cliffs to spill down into the black sea.  But actually, to us it doesn't seem so long ago.  
Love, Faery

 * * * * 

"Please bring me luck and hope so I don't get sick again."

Answer:  We can tell you what we think Luck and Hope are, so that you may better find them for yourself:  Luck is all that ability for which one is unwilling to take credit.  Good things may seem to randomly happen, but even just being in the right place at the right time took some kind of decision.  Hope is the light of tomorrow which you carry in your heart.  The brighter you keep it shining, the better it may light the path you have to walk today.  Be well.  
Love, Faery 

 * * * *

"Can you turn us into Power Cats in a year max?
 - Javier de la Torre
 - Kyle Lynch"

Answer:  If Javier and Kyle became Power Cats, who would be Javier and Kyle?
 - Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, 
Can you help me get a certain sword on a video game?  Do what you can do, please.  The game is called Terraria.

Answer:  We offer you our help in the form of a reminder:  The one sure way to not reach a goal is to give up on it.  We know you can succeed at whatever goal you continue to believe in.  
Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Will my life be full of adventure? - Mira"

Answer:  Yes.  That is the one thing we can always absolutely guarantee.  Even those who would only sit home under their roofs are aboard this earth with the rest of us, sailing through the starry tides of the abyss.  Adventure is the essence of the world; how we choose to face it is up to each one of us.  May your dearest quests go well.  
Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries,
I would like an imaginary Golden Retriever that only I can see, and would make me happy!
From Alejandra"

Answer:  We recommend dreaming him up mostly the way you would like him, with a good heart and stuff; but leave him a little wild and unfinished so that he is not completely perfect and will continuously surprise you too.  Be happy, for the greatest joy in life is creating.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Hello, are you sure you exist?"

Answer:  If we ever doubt it, then we would know that we must certainly exist.  Only someone who truly exists could ever raise a doubt.  
 - Faery

 * * * *

"Rio, why did you make these doors?  - Owen"

Answer:  Rio and his dad were inspired, and for that we take responsibility. - Faery

 * * * *

"Can you please make everything I have in Dragon City become real and not virtual?  

Answer:  Not sure... Where would you keep the dragons?  Love, Faery

 * * * *

Please turn me into Firestar, the Power Cat leader.
 - Miles
P.S. - in four days.
P.P.S. - and able to turn back into my human form"

Answer:  Even if we could do that, we're not sure your family would be too happy with the situation.  We can help turn buds into blooms, eggs into fledglings, seeds into leaves of grass.  And we can even help human children turn into adults over time.  Being a grown-up is just as fun as being a kid or even a Power Cat if you remember to do two things.  First:  Be the best adult you can be.  Second:  Don't stop being a kid too.  And as a grown up, if you still want to be a Power Cat, no one is going to be able to stop you - except maybe for the Power Cat bad guys or something like that.  
 - Faery

 * * * *

"May the force be with you!  May the light of the stars guide you.! 
 - Darmin"

Answer:  Thanks, Darmin - those are grand wishes.  We love starlight, and often watch the constellations soar over the night, and sometimes sail with them.  
Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Why is the door so popular?"  
From Mateo and Grant"

Answer:  We think that down deep everyone knows that magic exists, but many have forgotten how to see it.  The real miracle is the tree, but most folks never even notice it.  We gave it an extra touch of magic so that they would look and let their eyes share in  what their hearts already know.

 * * * *  

"It is really beautiful, and I am glad that you built them because people like looking at it.
Your friends, 
Mateo and Grant"

Answer:  Thanks, you guys.  We wanted to make it beautiful enough so that when people see our door they are reminded that the world is entirely composed of magic.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"I want halo armor, and a new bike."

Answer:  Well, stay interested in the things you want.  Don't despair even if time goes by, because that closes the door on them.  If you stay interested and hopeful, the door stays open, and they can find you and you can see them coming.  - Faery

 * * * *

“Dear Faeries, Happy Holidays!  I love the garden.  Please make it better.”

Answer:  We are happy that you like it.  We are always getting the buds to bud and the shoots to shoot, and ever evolving it.  It is always getting better, and for that reason we believe it is always perfect.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

“Please make sure that my house is safe.   

Answer:  Sure!  That is mainly what houses are for - a safe place where people may gather in the evenings to share fire and dreams.  They are built with an essence of safety, and will stand up against most things, just as your house has done for years.  And actually, most things that happen are good.  The human news reports may make it seem like disaster looms in every direction.  But just remember, for every bad thing you hear of, there are about a hundred good things which probably went unnoticed or just unmentioned.  So you don’t have to worry if you don't want to - your house is safe enough.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

 - Sam
PS - Goodbye”

Answer:  Hello, and goodbye - for now.   
 - Faery


Happy Imbolg!  Officially, Spring begins with the equinox, but there are actually several stages of it, and Imbolg marks the time of the budding and the shoots reaching from out of the fallen snow.  Look for the new sprouts arising from the earth like green fire, and the blossoms of the cherry trees, like the first flames of the burning bush.  
This day is also sacred to St Brigid. 
 Painting:  A California Spring, by Albert Bierstadt, 1875

Messages Among the Mushrooms

Dear Faery, 
What is your name, and what is your wet name?  
Love, Sofia

Answer:  Dear Sofia, 
Names are more of a human thing.  There are many of us here, and some of us have at times been given names by people, but we need no words to know who we are.  The one who answers you now was sometime known as, "Aethas of trhe Birds".  I guess my wet name would be "Aethas of the Birds" said underwater.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
Hi Faery, 
I love your fairy house!  
Love you.

Answer:  Thank you - Yes, it is nice.  We are glad we dreamed it up.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
Dear Faery, 
We wish for wings so we can fly!
Love, Coral, Charlotte, and Clodagh!

Answer:  We wish you happy trails among the footless halls of air, and happy landings too.  And we will tell you a secret as well:  We could fly long before wings were ever dreamed up.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
Long travels for a tiny door.  Love, Kylie & Lily

Answer:  May all of your journeys be held as dearly as your destinations.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
Dear Faery,
What is your name?  My name is Catharine Funte.  What's your website's name?  Where do you live?  and  where were you born?  Can you make me fly?  Thank you!
Your friend, Catherine

Answer:  Dear Friend, 
We are two who now answer you.  One of us has sometimes been called by the name "Aethas", which in the speech of the Children of Danaan, meant something like "the song of winged flight".  One of us was for a while named by the Coyote people as "Mandwan - the Burning Bush".  One of us was born with the blue star in the the great swan which has ever since burned in remembrance of her.  The other was born upon a setting of the sun.  We will let you decide which of us was born where.  Now we live around here where the grey surf rushes into the outstretched arms of the coast.  We can not make you fly - that is something you would to do for yourself if you can.  But our advice to you is to learn how to land before taking to the air.  Love, Faery

 * * * * 
Dear Faery,
Which religion is right?  They do not agree on things.  Or all they all wrong?  If so, are scientists right?  But they do not agree either.  What is the truth?
From Ben

Answer:  Dear Ben,  
Do not let anyone define your world for you - not even us.  You may use threads spun by others to weave into your own tapestry.  But you are the weaver.  Love, Faery

Faery Mail

"Faery people - 
I have been on vacation and now I have to go back to work.  Why?"

Answer:  Work is energy in action.  It is the way things happen, the way all the worlds turn.  Originally, it was all meant to be fun.  But people forget the purposes of things, and only see the energy.  But sometimes when they're doing something they still like to do, they remember it is all for play.     
 * * * * 
"I would like to get alot of Christmas gifts this year.  I have been really really good, believe me.  Love, Sasha

Answer:  Dear Sasha, You should not wish for such stuff.  You then have to take care of it all.  We would not wish that burden upon you.  Do you know why faeries are able to fly?  We are not attached to much in particular.  If you let each little thing go free, at some point you will be free to embrace the whole world.  - Love, Faery

 * * * *
"Dear Faeries, 
I hope you like my letter.  Faeries are cool.  My name is Zoe and I have a question:  How do faeries fly?"

Answer:  Hi Zoe.  We fly the same way people walk, and fish swim, and snakes crawl - we just decide to go somewhere and then we go.  But we are very light and do not need to hug the ground on our way.  And we do like your letter.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
"Hello.  I am 9.  My name is Mary.  I like baseball.  I love math.  I live in Brooklyn, New York."

Answer:  Dear Mary, Thank you for making yourself known.  We hope you enjoy our place, and that you will look for the Faery folk back home too.

 * * * *
"Wishing my children here in California will find love, happiness, and adventure with their soulmates!! - Jim and Belinda, from Ohio!"

Answer:  You sound like ones who know about love, happiness, adventure, and soulmates, and so along with you, we wish these fortunes upon your children as well.  We wish it with all our hearts, although there is only one of them we can guarantee - Adventure.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
"Dear Faeries,
I would like to be in love again, but how do I know when it's true love?"

Answer:  Between people, we believe it's true love when you can create your futures together.   But you do not need another person to be in love.  You just need to create a future.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
"I resolve to not get angry anymore."

Answer:  That is a good thought.  We find anger in the storm.  We neither run away from it, nor try to suppress it, nor let it tell us what to do.  We simply admire it and let it pass.  - Faery

 * * * *
"I try, but sometimes I am not sure whether I am doing more harm than good.  Please help me be a good mother to my daughter.  Let her thrive even with me as her mama."

Answer:  You love her and that is more than halfway to a perfection that no one has ever reached.  Continue to love and help her, and love and help the world too, and continue to grow in your understanding of both.  Those who raised you were not perfect either, but still they were able to bring up someone with a very big heart and we hope the legacy continues.  Love, Faery

The Hunting of the Wren

"Hail! Hail! The king of all birds, may you bring us good fortune and wealth!  
Give us a penny 
for we haven't any, 
and we'll drink a glass to your health!"

Every year, on St Stephen's Day (December 26th), the wren - the king of all birds - is hunted and killed so that he may be born again to reign another year. 

 It is an old Irish custom to bury the wren with kingly ceremony, his body brought door to door so that money may be collected for the funeral which should include enough ale for all.     

It is a lesser known tale of how the little wren came to be the king of all birds in the first place, probably because it happened so long ago.  It was back not many centuries after the great dragons who had once ruled the earth had shape shifted into the feather winged creatures we now recognize as the birds.  They had not the harmonious organization they do now and would fight over which of their breeds should get the trees for nesting, which should eat seeds, and which insects, which of them should fly South in the Winters, and even whether the early or late ones ought to get the worms.  They realized that without a leader to unify and guide them, there would be no peace.  So they decided to have a contest to determine who among them would be the king.  It was the eagle who suggested a test of endurance:  whoever could stay in the air the longest would be crowned king.  Of course the eagle thought he would win easily, but not even the littlest of them doubted their abilities or divine right to royalty, and all bravely answered the challenge.  The contest began with all the birds taking to the wind and hovering over the wide field.  After some time, the least ambitious among them began to reconsider whether they even wanted the duty of the crown, and the buzzards and the crows were the first to land.  Those who were the busiest began to be concerned over the time they were spending on this contest when they could be working on their own projects and chores, and the hummingbirds, finches and little sparrows touched down too.  The contest went on for hours and finally it seemed to be a match of brute strength and will.  And one by one, all the birds tired and landed, leaving the sky to the eagle.  When he saw he was the only one still in flight, he too dropped to the earth, but just before he touched the ground, the wren who had been riding on the eagle's back, kicked up and flew around the field in triumph.  His minute weight was never noticed by the brawny bird of prey, but since the wren had stayed in the air the longest, technically he had won - the little cheater.  

So the wren is the king of all birds, and has since realized that not all the duties and responsibilities and sacrifices of leaders are as glorious as he had imagined.        

[Note:  no wrens were harmed in the making of this story - not even the little stuffed featherball in the photo.]

Happy Yule

We wish you all a peaceful solstice and Yule.  
We love this season, for when the great light of the sun is taking his rest, all the little lights come out like the stars.  
We ask one thing of you - that you will fear not the dark.  
The only malignant darkness comes from being afraid to look, but the darkness of the night is very honest and can be clearly seen - it never pretends to be anything else but darkness.  
Fear not to gaze upon the night, her deep shadows, and all her little lights.  
Gaze not only on the constellations but on the vast seas over which they sail.  
Fear not the night, for she is the mother and the pathway to the dawn.  
May both light and darkness be ever yours to behold, to revere, and to create.  

 - Love, Faery, T. Powell, and Rio

More Faery Fan Mail

"Dear Faeries, I hope you enjoy this home and the gifts me and my friend Piper made for you.  Love, Tess"
Answer:  We love this place, and the people who come to see us, and the little gifts our friends make.  Thank you.  - Faery 

"I know magic is real."
Answer:  Who are we to argue with that? - Faery

"I want that my whole family will have good health.  Thank you!!!"  
Answer:  Live well, eat well, breathe well - be well.  

"I wish I was rich."
Answer:  You have the wealth of the world at your feet - the gold of the sun, the nightfall of diamonds, the sapphire of the seas.  It is all yours to do with what you will, only if you recognize it's your responsibility.  What will you do with it? - Faery

"I wish that my dad will come alive."
Answer:  Like we of Faery, humans are spiritual beings dressed in bodies.  To die is only to transition, like when your coat wears out and you need another one.  But since most people only recognize one another by the coats they wear, and even base their identities on what they are wearing, they can get pretty confused about it.  You do not have to believe us of course, but we can say to you with absolute certainty that your dad is not dead - he just took off his coat.  - Love, Faery

"We love you, Mr Elf - Zeke and Maizie"
Answer:  Well, what's not to love?  And we humbly thank you.  - Love, Faery

"Hello, I just wanted to say that you are beautiful!"
Answer:  Thanks; the world is full of beauty; and it is your eyes that allow it.  - Faery

"Dear Faeries, We hope you are all enjoying your lives being faeries.  Finding your door was very exciting.  Please help our wishes come true.  Love, Mason and Chloe"
Answer:  Yes, we love being faeries.  And we think you love being humans which is very good.  We are all for the wishes being made by people such as you.  Love, Faery

"Dear Faeries and creatures of the wood, Thank you for everything you do and do not.  A big kiss and hug for you.  - Paz"
Answer:  We think you have wise judgment and good taste.  Love, Faery

"We found the front door!  Thank you for making the day to be so happy.  Have a nice one.  Love, Christina"
Answer:  Thanks, Christina.  We find gladness in all days and all nights, particularly when it's shared.  - Love, Faery

"Faeries, are you tooth faeries or not?  Jax"
Answer:  Well, that's like another department.  Just leave it under your pillow as usual.  Things come and go here, so we're not sure what would happen if you left a tooth in the tree.  Love, Faery

"Dear Faeries, I love you and would not hurt you.  Thank you for showing up for me.  - J.A."
Answer:  The feeling is mutual, but actually we showed up so many ages ago.  Thanks for finally noticing.  Love, Faery


The excellent book, The Faery Door by T. Powell is pretty much done and ready for print.  It ought to be on the shelves in early 2016.  I will release it for publication with an author's event or two.  - T. Powell

Samhain Note

Happy Samhain, all!

Well, I thought the book was all done and ready for publication, but looking it over, I realized there was more to be said about it all, and that the description could be more clear.  Now I am almost done (I hope).  

The notes are still being collected, and when I can make the time, I will get the Faeries' answers and post the interpretations.  If a more immediate answer is desired, just do what many of us who can converse with Faery do:   Go hang out with the fae.  Look for them with more than just your eyes.  Be respectful and kind.  Speak your heart.  Listen with more than your ears.  

 - Tony
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