Faery T-Shirt Offer

You can get a Faery T-Shirt for yourself, your child, a friend, or even a nice stranger who may get some use out of it.  

It is a good quality, 100% thick cotton T, with a well printed painting of the Faery Door with the caption:
"The Magic is Real" and the address of this Faery Door website where the messages left in the tree for the Faery folk are answered.  

The colors will hold up for a long time, through sun and Summer, and through many washes and Winters.

[Not responsible for chocolate spills, ketchup drips, or grass stains.]  

Prices are as follows:

Adult (Large) ..................................$30  
Children's (Medium Child's) ...........$25

  ~ Free Shipping ~

To get yours now, please specify size and send order with payment to:

Shanti Rare Book and Publishing Co.
6324 Fairmount Ave #2515
El Cerrito, CA 94530 

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  

Thank You!!

(Kid's Size - all same good quality as described above!)
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