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Good Yule!
The Song of Earth
Press Interview, 8/21/17
Summer Notes

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Good Yule!

This season and all of its holy days, is basically about Magic.  

It is about light shining through the darkness:  About the sun path rising and allowing the days to lengthen again; about the lamps burning for nine days with only one night's supply of oil; about a star over the desert, guiding the wise and the faithful to a quiet, gentle miracle.    

It is about life carrying on through death:  about the holly berries ripening red in the dead of white winter; about the pines and firs still green beneath the snow; and about the mistletoe being the only apparently living branch in the otherwise leafless oak.

And it is about love:  about families coming together to share the hearth and each other; about soldiers calling a truce on the field to share songs and cigarettes; and about the elves and a saint working all year to bring bring joy to children around the world on one holy night.  

All the world is composed of magic.  The blessing of light is created with every kind word and touch we give to one another.  Life is everywhere and the source of everything.  And love is lord of all.  But this time of year seems to make these things more apparent to us, just as the candle in the window seems to shine more brightly when all other lights have gone out, and when the great sun has vanished, out of the night come all the white stars.  This season carries no more magic than any other, but it does serve to illuminate the magic that is ever all around us, and always within us too.  

Happy Solstice!  Good Yule!  Merry Christmas!  

 - with much love, from Rio, and Tony, and all the Faery folk we know around these parts of land and sea.  

The Song of Earth

"The tune began like a star being born to rise in budding flame and dawning glory, resounding deep in the bones of the earth, rocking the roots and embracing the whole forest but not consuming it in its warm green fire.

The enraptured fae of the gathering gracefully danced around the moon-held wreath with its berries red and white, some of them riding the currents of song and hovering 'round one another in various hues of the wild blooms; and they sang together in tones of waters running over mossy stones, and of mellow gusts through the reeds.

They sang the rose dawn of history, of distant constellations and great celestial migrations; and the stars above were fascinated, and listened from their thrones hung high in the unbroken expanse.

They sang of Faery and the bringing of life to the scattered turning worlds; and the mossy redwoods hearkened, nodding in remembrance of ancient generations of forest, many lifetimes past.

They sang the earth mother and her luminous horizons.

And the blue faery whose wings were clear as water told of the human spirit, how bright it had shone in and around the people, until the falling of the dark age in which they shut their doors to the voices of the night. And their fear of darkness covered them until even the stars appeared strange and distant, and all the creatures of the twilight seemed hostile to them. And what had once been lovely and bright was now dull and weary - for ever since had most of humanity been ruled by the unwieldy burden of fear.

And she and the others there sang of the vow they of Faery had taken after the fall of the people - to remain unseen as are the four winds who cast no shadow."

- from Chapter III: The Faery Door by T. Powell
Painting: Blue Faery, by Anna Jansson

Press Interview, 8/21/17

Rio and I were interviewed recently for an article on the Faery Doors around the Bay Area. It was published a couple days ago, but I like the original interview best:

1. What inspired you to create the fairy doors?

We were horsing around in the park one day after school, and saw the elm with the little hollow at the base, and the same thought struck us both at the same time, that it needed a little door on it. We are not sure whether the thought came to us from a sentience there in the park, or from our cultural ideas of what traditional magic looks like. But whether indirectly or directly, the answer as to what inspired us is the same: The Faery folk.

2. What do you hope visitors will get out of finding the doors?

We hope more people notice the magic of which the world is entirely composed. The tree itself was already a standing miracle, and we just added a little more craft to make more visible the magic that was already there - like a lady who ties a bright ribbon into her already beautiful tresses.

3. How did you pick the locations for the fairy doors?

We don't really pick the locations. It's not like we have to put these little doors up somewhere. It's more like there are some places that seem to ask us for a little embellishment.

4. Are there any fairy doors that haven’t been discovered?

There are a couple of things in the works. Once they appear, it may take some time before they are discovered, but whether it's days or months, we do not know. There are still people who have walked by the door in the log behind the Tea Garden (the one we call Faery Hall) many times without seeing it, and are surprised when someone else points it out.

5. Do you have plans to add additional doors in the future in San Francisco? What about creating doors in other cities in the Bay Area?

The ones currently in the works will appear within San Francisco. We leave it to others to make the magic more pronounced in their own areas.

6. Anything else you’d like to add/share?

It has been so cool to see other people being as inspired as we are, and helping to dress up the doors, or even doing their own thing. We don't recommend putting any more doors into living trees, or otherwise harming the environment or private or public property, but doing things to enhance our world, in harmony with all the goodness already in it, we are all for. And don't worry about your work being vandalized or stolen. This has happened to some of our work, and currently the door in Glen Canyon needs some repair. There are some people whose main purpose in life is to destroy, but you can always rebuild or build anew. And even if something you have built with love gets destroyed after a few months, it was better than never having it at all.

- Rio and Dad

Summer Notes

"If you're real, then please help me.  Show me a sign that you and others exist.  Thank you."

Answer:  Look around.  Look at the wind and stars, the grass and seasons.  Where do you not see a sign?!  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"I love you."

Answer:  We know.  Thank you.  Love, Faery.

 * * * *

"Dear Faery, do you love rainbows?"

Answer:  Yes.  Only those who would never notice a rainbow do not love them.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faery, I hope you have a great Summer!  Love Charlotte"

Answer:  Thank you - we are.  We find that the best way to have something is to make it.  And we hope the same for you.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Hi!  I hope you enjoy these gifts.  We are girl scouts and are *bridging.  Bye!"

Answer:  We thank you, and wish you forward speed along your dreams.  Love Faery

*["Bridging" is the Girl Scouts' promotion ceremony to upper ranks. - translator's note]

 * * * *

"Come to my fairy house.  You are welcome. Love, Remi"

Answer:  Among the greatest gifts we have known, are welcomes.  With love and gratitude, Faery.  

 * * * *

"There may not be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but Thank You for giving magic at the end of a scavenger hunt.  Many thanks, Connecticut Tim"

Answer:  Thank you for seeing the magic, Friend.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"I want to marry you."

Answer:  The love is appreciated, but we are already joined by a grace that goes beyond freedom.  Great love imprisons us, but love greater still frees us even from itself.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Come see me in Minnesota, please!"

Answer:  The summer is a busy time for us.  We thank you, but our gifts are needed here.  However, there are many of our kin around your beautiful land whom you may greet and welcome.  Let them know you heard from us.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faery of Golden Gate Park, I wish to have happiness and love throughout mankind forever and always.  Please help all be kind and generous to each other!  Best wishes, Alesia"  

Dear Alesia, We hope your wish may come true, and will do all we know to help bring it about.  Our way is to set a good example by showering the world with the beauty and grace which many may see and take of its inspiration.  Like the trees now laden with summer fruit, we wish nothing in return for this gift but that it be taken and appreciated, and that the eyes of all may be open to the most basic truth of this world - that it is entirely composed of magic, and that magic is known as Love.  Love, Faery


Have a blessed Solstice; and a merry Midsummer night's dream...

Summer in bloom

"Open!  From:  Diana in first grade! <3
Dear Fairys, elfs, gnomes and evry body els!  We want to send evry body this nature song!  
Happy nature growing evry where
Happy sun shining on the land.
Mosly happiness on the world.
Mosly students working very hard!
From:  Diana!"

Answer:  Dear Diana, Thank you for the letter, and for sharing your song of goodwill with us.  We do like it, and want to share it with everyone else too.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries, I love your door.  If you get this note, can you give me some faery dust?  Love, Elanor"

Answer:  Dear Elanor, We gather the faery dust at sunrise and during the golden afternoons, when the leaves are burnished by Hylos the sun.  There is plenty left over for anyone who wishes.  Feel free to help yourself!  Love, Faery

  * * * *

"Hello if you are real.  I really like your house.  You should get your door fixed.  What is your name?  Good-bye.  Ava"

Answer:  Dear Ava, It makes us glad to know that you are at least considering the possibility that we might be real, and also that you like our house.  That door gets fixed up now and then, but we are busy now with the Summer in full bloom and the solstice coming up.  We will probably get to it before Winter anyway.  Our names are legion - like the flowers and the stars and the gods, many of whom are nameless.  We wish you a very happy Midsummer's eve.  Look for us!  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Hi Faery.  I want to hear music.  Do you take requests?"

Answer:  If you will truly listen to the moment, even the song of the stones would be so wonderful to you that there would be no need for any other tune.  But if you sing with us, we may weave your melody into our song as well.  Love Faery.

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries and other creatures,  I am happy to know that you exist.  I am glad to live in a world where faeries live too.  Thank you for the revelations.  With Love, Mary Donohue"

Answer:  Hi.  We are very glad to be here with you, and with the creatures of light and darkness too.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"I am going to come back here to live one day."  

Answer:  That is just fine.  We hope you will live well here, and that you are living well now, wheresoever you may be on this day.  Love Faery  

St Patrick's Day

I would like to live in peace.  Love, Me
Answer:  We wish much peace for you, but storm also.  For what good is one without the other?  And if you would have nothing but peace, we are certain you would soon be wishing out of boredom, for something more rigorous.  
Peace,  Faery
 * * * * * * 
I wish that Donald Trump will no longer be president.  

Answer:  Please wish for something more important - wish for a girlfriend or boyfriend, wish for a puppy, or a dollar, or to get to go to the movies.  Wish for a nice afternoon or a stick of gum.  Wish for something more substantial like that.  Because one day, Donald Trump will no longer be president, and all the little lessons will have been learned.  That day is coming already.  So please wish for something less trivial and which is not already inevitable.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * *
Dear Faery, We love your house and yard.  Do you fix it up?  Lorie

Answer:  Hi Lorie, We make a lot of it happen, but others contribute as well.  We all inspire one another and build our worlds together.  Thanks for the part you play.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * * 
Hi Faeries, Did you have something to do with this rain?  If so, thanx!  Lee

Answer:  We all had something to do with it.  Some of us just needed to stop worrying about the drought.  But now of course they are worrying about the floods.  Faery
 * * * * * * *
Hi.  My name is Rachel.  I am 6.  Here is a flower for you.  I hope that you like smelling the flower.  Bye.

Answer:  We do like it.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * *
Dear Faery, Did you know there are buffalos in this park?  And coyotes?  Where did they come from?  From Greg

Answer:  Yes.  The buffalo came here for safety many years ago.  The coyotes were here before the first men arrived, back when the whole word was a park.  Love Faery
  * * * * * * *
Faery, where are you?  

Answer:  There is one place we always can be found - Here.  Wherever we go, we bring Here with us, and those places become Here.  Thus, we are never lost.  Love Faery


Enjoy this blessed solstice, and the grand and simple rhyme of the turning seasons!

Winter falls like a hammer of night
On the earth - thick anvil of frost
But we strive here beside the ember glow
With the pines yet green beneath the snow; 
And under the blue ice lie the seeds
Of meadows for the honeybee;

The wind will turn the wheel of sky
On which the cold steel Valkyries ride
Clearing the morn for the white sun
And take us to Valhalla once again
Where the little berries ripen red
And the hills are softly burned green

 - T. Powell

(Photo of Newgrange, from Irish Central)


"He didn't mind going to play alone. Away from other people, he often got the feeling that there was much more to the world. While he loved his friends (most of whom were books and the dead poets who had written them), and while never would he have wished for a different family - although his had broken in two - he had always felt most at home among the grass and trees and birds and stars, the steadfast rocks, and the wild waves, and the wordless song of the sky. His name was Rio, which in Spanish means 'river'."

 - from Chapter V
the Faery Door, by T. Powell

Pixie Post

"Dear Pixie,
How are things in the hollow?
Love David"

Answer:  Thanks for asking.  Things are quite pixie-ish, which is never bad.  
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
"Dear Faeries,
I hope you have a wonderful day.
From Amelie"

Answer:  Dear Amelie, 
Thank you for this good wish.  The days are short and sweet, but always good, and always, always full of wonder.
Love Faery

 * * * * * * *
"I wish that when I grow up I live on a farm and own a horse."  

Answer:  Sounds good.  Go ahead and make it happen.  
 * * * * * * *
"Gnome!  Wishful thinking brought me to you.  It's with every happiness that I wish for good health and fortune for myself and loving family.  Thank You.  Kelsey"

Answer:  These good things are written in the stars and on notes such as yours, but they depend mainly upon your ability to receive them.  Can you really accept good fortune?  If so, it is waiting for your grasp.  Love, Faery

 * * * * * * * 
"Dear Faeries,
I did not know that you had such a wonderful home.
 - Montana & Nacienne"

Answer:  We are glad to enlighten you.  It means a lot to us, because home is where the heart is.  We hope you can look around the land, the sky, and the grey sea, and see more of our home too (and our heart as well).
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
"Jeg har kommet fra Norge. Husk meg, og jeg vil huske deg." [I have come from Norway.  Remember me, and I will remember you.]

Answer:  Any forgetting is only temporary.  

 * * * * * * *
"I wish my dad would get better and that my grandma's residence papers arrive.  Thank you."

Answer:  May it be.  And may you walk in the light.  For love is lord of all.

 * * * * * * *

"Faery... We are leaving today.  We have to go get on the aeroplane but we have come to say goodbye because this is our last day.  Goodbye San Francisco.  We will be seeing our car again soon.  Thanks for letting us come to your lovely city.  Love, from Reuben John Geoffrey, aged 8."

Dear Boy, 
All who look upon our land with fair admiration are always welcome back.  
Love, Faery
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