Dear Friends,
We are Faery; we are magic and we are real.
Spirits of natural magic and creation are we, and our realm is all around you:  from the wing-sailed blue above, down to the moon-swayed depths below and the leaf-robed plains between. 
You may find us in the petal crowned hills, the surf-shaken shores, the mesas of broken stone, the heaven-reaching redwoods and the cultivated city parks, all seasons the year round.  And when you calm the surface waters of your soul, you will find us reflected in yourselves - for you are no less full of magic and wonder than are we.
Some of you already know us well.  All who wish are welcome to seek us.  
For the present time, a door or two has been placed through which you may communicate with us via the written word.  You may find some answers here.
    - Faery
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