Dear Friends,
We are Faery; we are magic and we are real.

Spirits of natural magic and creation are we, and our realm and canvas is all around:  the wing-sailed blue, the moon-swayed depths, and the leaf-draped land between. 
You may see our work in the flame crowned hills, the surf-shaken shores, the mist veiled woods, the cloud-scaped heavens, and even around the tormented city streets - for in truth, the whole world is entirely composed of magic.  
Some of you already know us well.  All who wish are welcome to seek us.  For the present, the Faery doors have been placed through which you may communicate with us via the written word.  Ask what you will; you may find some answers here.
    - Faery

 (Portrait - "Midsummer Eve", by Edward Robert Hughes, 1908)
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